Upgrade Classic Versions Excel Option for Export - Currently limited to 65000 rows, post 2007 excel permits millions of lines

You only offer the ability to export to a very very old version of excel (Pre 2007).  This limits the data to 65,000 rows.  Most NFP do lots of allocations and thus quickly get to 100s of thousands of lines of data they might want to pivot, export, ….  Its incredibly time consuming and frustrating to have to pull several reports, export to excel and then paste them together just because the number of lines exceeds 65000.  Any Excel version after 2007 increased this to over a million rows.  So please uprade the excel version one is able to export to for the classic FE to a newer version!

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  • Oct 11 2018
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    Eddie Barker commented
    1 Apr, 2019 04:25pm

    This exists in all exports in Financial Edge NXT.

    There currently are no plans to change this in database view.