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Paying Invoices Merged

It would be great if the NXT had a feature that if I am selecting invoices to pay, and I realize an invoice amount is wrong and needs to be changed, that I can save the invoices I have already selected to pay later like I could in the previous Blackbaud version we used, and then be able to come back later and pay the invoices.

For example:
This morning, I was selecting invoices to pay.  I realized one invoice amount was incorrect and needed to be changed.  I opened the record, changed the amount, and went back to the screen to select invoices to pay.  Since I was unable to save everything, I had to reselect all the invoices I wanted to pay.  The way we schedule checks, they are ran in batches, so I have to do them together.

In the previous version of Blackbaud, if I came across an invoice that needed to be corrected, I could save the invoices I had already selected under "Create for Later", go change the invoice, and come back and all the invoices I had selected previously were still checked, so all I had to do was select the invoice I made a change to.

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  • Apr 16 2018
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