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  • Jan 25 2018
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    25 Jan, 2018 06:13pm

    The Batch Detail Report for JE's has some good information on it but not sure what you can only run this report based upon Posted Dates. It would be way more usable if you could also run it by Effective Dates.  I should be able to run a report showing all JE's with Effective Dates in 2017 regardless of whether the Posted Dates where in 2017 or 2018. Also, if I run an Accounts Payable Aging Report for 12/31/2017 it should reflect all invoices posted with effective date of 12/31/17 and prior if they were unpaid as of 12/31/2017. Even if the invoices had Invoice Dates of 1/1/18 and later. The current Accounts Payable Aging Report does not allow for this.