Chart Organizer Templates-Move Lines Down & Right

The Chart Organizer templates allow for individual lines (both total & detail) to move up or left.  It would be helpful to also have the ability to move lines down or right. This will help with editing placement of lines within the template. (The only way I can see to move down or right at the moment is to delete the line entirely, then add it again where I want it.)

  • Donella Robb
  • Nov 29 2017
  • Planned
  • Dec 9, 2021

    Admin response

    You now have the ability to move the lines by selecting the 3 dots and then selecting the movement.

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  • Julia Petit commented
    29 Nov, 2017 10:15pm

    Hi Donella,


    Thanks for the feedback!  The ability to move in all directions is dependent on placement of existing headers/detail lines and the category defined at the header level.  For example if my VCO is set like this:


    Liabilities and Fund balance (at a level 1 and category set to "Balance Sheet")

        Liabilities (at a level 2 and category set to "Liabilities")

             Account detail (at a level 3)

        Fund Balance (at a level 2 and category set to "Fund Balance")

             Account detail (at a level 3)


    I can move the Liabilities at level 2 down, but not the Fund Balance because this level is already the lowest level.


    The ability to move right is used for when you need to switch a header to be moved under the previous header.  For example, moving Fund Balance (which is currently set at level 2) to level 3 and placed under the Liabilities Header.  If the categories are the same, the option to move it to the right should be available.  If however, they fall under different account categories (as they are in the example above), the option will not be available as the categories denote what can exist under the same header and what cannot.