Allow VCO to include disabled Transaction Codes & not automatically remove

We have attempted disabling Transactions Codes (T-Codes) in the past when they are no longer in use to avoid our Accounts Payable Clerk choosing the wrong T-Code in error (and also to make drop-down lists shorter).  What we found is that when T-Codes are disabled, they are removed from their filter in all VCOs, and then the Net Asset Balances on our Income Statements are wrong (as the Asset Balances do have to include ALL past transactions whether T-codes are disabled or not.)

Is it possible to add a checkbox to "show disabled T-codes" and then after they are added to a VCO filter, for them to stay there, even if later disabled so that Income Statements have the correct totals?

  • Donella Robb
  • Nov 16 2017
  • Future consideration
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  • Donella Robb commented
    28 Jun, 2018 12:48am

    We recently implemented PaperSave AP workflow, which has a T-Code dropdown that is linked to FE; we have the same problem there, in that we cannot disable/hide T-Codes to prevent them being selected in error. (if we want our Income Statement asset balances to be correct).