Create new vendor from Requisition "Suggested Vendor" for one time products.

When a one time product is entered via web portal requisition, it has the option to specify a suggested vendor.  After the requisition is approved, the PO needs to be generated on FE7 side.  However it does not carry over the suggested vendor information to the PO.  The vendor needs to be created before the PO can be generated.  The suggested vendor information is listed on the requisition, but it cannot be linked to a new vendor record.  It would be convenient for FE7 users to have a button or feature on the requisition, on FE7 side, to be able to generate the new vendor using the suggested vendor information, instead of having to manually have to retype the same information on the new vendor record.  This would ideally work similarly to how you can create a new PO from an existing requisition or new invoice from an existing receipt.

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  • Apr 4 2017
  • Under consideration
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