Add a status indicating a batch has been reviewed and not yet approved

TLDR: Can we get an additional status for batches that have been reviewed and not approved, something like "Hold" or "Return to Preparer"? This would prevent senior staff from spending time reviewing entries that other reviewers have already rejected, and make it easier for staff to see any entries they need to do additional work on.

At my organization, all batches are reviewed by a separate and more senior member of finance staff before they are posted. Staff use the "Open" status for batches that they are still working on or adding backup to, and then set them to "Pending Approval" once the batch is ready for review.

Often, the reviewer will not approve the batch for various reasons. At the moment we keep these batches in "Pending Approval" status and send notes to the staff member for what needs to be changed. But it would be great to have a status indicating that additional work is needed.

Because first, we have multiple senior staff who are allowed to review and approve entries. So when one reviewer declines to approve a batch, there's nothing indicating that other reviewers shouldn't spend time on it - resulting in multiple senior staff spending time looking at the same batch and concluding that the backup is insufficient, for example.

Second, it would be useful to be able to filter for a category like this. Staff could easily see what batches have been returned to them for further work, and reviewers could not only skip them but also see any returned batches that have been lingering, need to be reassigned because someone is sick, etc.

  • Hamish Fyfe
  • May 22 2024
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  • Yami Fernandez commented
    22 May 04:12pm

    this would be extremely helpful, thank you!!