PSB Activity Codes logic inconsistencies

The programming logic of PSB Activity Codes has been applied inconsistently in the configuration and functionality of the code in standard Accounts Payable and Expense management.

Issue 1 - Inconsistent Configuration.

Activity Codes allow for rebates to be defined for both GST and PST values.

The GST receivable account can be configured as a single account (e.g. 100-1210-00) or as a masked account (e.g. ***-1210-00).

The PST receivable account can only be configured as a single account.

The use of masked accounts allows for the rebate to be returned to the same fund as the incurring expense.

Issue 2 - Inconsistent Functionality

PSB Codes can be leveraged in Accounts Payable when they are configured to use masked accounts.

PSB Codes can only be accessed in Expense Management if they are configured to use a single account.

  • JP Provencal
  • Apr 24 2024
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