To have the ability to import Excel data into the Split Distribution section of a recurring amount batch in FE NXT

I suggest having an import option in the split distribution window of recurring amount journal entry batches to allow one to bring in already created Excel data. For example, if the split distribution format is set up as: column 1: amount, column 2: project #, column 3: class (ex: unrestricted, temp restricted, etc.), if we could create an Excel spreadsheet in the exact same format as it appears in the split distribution box for the entry, it would be nice if in the "More" option box at the top of the split distribution window, there was an option for import Excel file where you could just pull your data in for that split distribution box. This would be useful when one needs to distribute a total dollar amount to several hundred project #s in specially calculated individual amounts via a recurring amount batch journal entry. It would be much more timely, efficient and less error prone to be able to just import the data right into the entry. Thanks for considering this suggestion.

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  • Apr 10 2024
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