Apply Distribution to a row in Journal Entry batch

When adding a Journal Entry batch in web view, currently there is no way to apply a Distribution to a row in the batch. For our most common example, we will have a line (row) where we enter an Account to use, then we need to distribute the transaction across a long list of Projects. You can select the little "Split" icon next to Project, and the pop-up window lets you split the transaction with Amounts, Projects, and Classes. We have Distributions saved in the system with the exact details we need - there's just no way to pull up that Distribution as one can do in database view. There is a "... More" drop-down menu, it seems ideal that you would just add an option there for "Use distribution". Hoping Blackbaud is working on this as I think many clients use Distributions in this way.

  • Casey Richey
  • Mar 29 2024
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