Bank feed matching screen simple issues

Currently, when using the "Match transactions..." screen for bank feeds, there is a simple UI issue that really hinders work. Default column widths are not well justified in either pane (both bank feed and bank register sides). It's easy for user to justify column widths so they can see the details they need, but the big problem is that EVERY time two items are matched, the screen refreshes and reverts columns widths back to their defaults.

I'm not positive, but pretty sure I recall this NOT being the case previously, maybe 6-12 months ago? It really hinders progress, as sometimes we have dozens of items to match at once. Seems like there could be a pretty simple code tweak to have the page retain user's adjusted column widths, at least during the same session (permanently would be even better!).

  • Casey Richey
  • Mar 29 2024
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