Expand EFT Check Runs to More than 11 Invoices

Currently, in Financial Edge NXT, a run of EFT Checks is limited to 11 invoices. If you try to pay more than that at a single time, there is a very high risk that your invoices will be marked paid but the EFT file generated for the bank doesn't include all of your invoices. This is often not discovered until bank reconciliation. Blackbaud Support Case 019656188 verified that this is a known current limit for NXT. Such a limit does not exist in database view but is present in NXT. Unfortunately, there is no error screen to alert the user that the limit has been exceeded or that his/her EFT file is incomplete. The invoices are marked paid as if everything worked fine.

Please expand the number of EFT Check invoices that can be included in each run. At the very least, an error message should alert the user that the limit has been exceeded or those invoices that were excluded should be left "unpaid" so that they could be sent in a separate EFT file.

  • Geoffrey Goodfellow
  • Mar 8 2024
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  • Kim Winburn commented
    12 Mar 07:19pm

    I'm not sure about the bank side as I don't deal with that part, but just in running the EFT we have encountered issues. We process scholarships which can be 1,000s of invoices for one EFT every week, so having to do only a few at a time creates a lot of extra work and very time consuming. Would be awesome to have system allow for a number that would accommodate companies that process LARGE volumes. We've experienced complications in running the EFT in past with both Database and WebView because of our high number of invoices we process.

  • Jennifer Hughes commented
    11 Mar 09:23pm

    11 EFTs is not a reasonable amount these days as we are encouraging more vendors to switch to electronic payments. We currently process EFTs in Database but if we are forced to switch to NXT to process, this will be a huge limitation with great negative impacts.

  • Lisa Olscamp commented
    11 Mar 08:16pm

    Please remove this limit. Due to the increase in scams such as check washing, which we experienced, we are encouraging all of our vendors to accept payment by ACH.

  • Edward Leiter commented
    11 Mar 02:30pm

    Is there a knowledgebase article on this?