Allow importing of csv Budget files in NXT

I've been uploading Budgets to FE7 as csv imports for a very long time, and I've got it down to a science. Having to re-create these in a 3rd-party app in order to use the NXT interface is a supreme waste of time, if I have multiple csv templates ready to go every year. Please either allow us to keep importing them into the Database, or else create and test a direct import function in NXT before removing the database Budget functions. Thank you.

  • Roberta A. Gilbert
  • Mar 6 2024
  • Reviewed: Need Further Info
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  • Roberta A. Gilbert commented
    2 Apr 04:43pm

    What "further info" do you need for this? The BB Community forum has several requests for a direct import ability in NXT. With all due respect, having to install 3rd party plug-ins for basic functions like importing a csv file is pretty lame.

  • Roberta A. Gilbert commented
    12 Mar 06:58pm

    The add-in is what I am trying to avoid. I create all my csv budget files offline and have them formatted and coded to import. I attended a webinar last year on using the add-in, and it seems that I would have to install the add-in and save all the data in Excel again, when what I have is ready for import, as is. Importing data is a function we should not have to lose, just to have a "prettier" interface. I want to be able to continue to upload an offline file, that I already know the database can read.

  • Admin
    V-Mohit Kumar commented
    8 Mar 10:09am

    Have you tried the Budget Creator Excel add-in to add and edit budget data in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and then submit the data to create a new budget or update an existing one?