Ability add Bank Adjustment type "Transfer" from matching screen

When on the "Match transactions for [bank account]" screen in web view, there is a feature where you can select a transaction from the Feed on the left, and choose "Add adjustment". This is integral to our daily reconciliation. However, if the transaction happens to be a TRANSFER from one of our bank accounts to another (very common), there is no way to record the adjustment from this screen.

I have tried doing this in MANY different ways, to much frustration. FE does now give us the ability to manage Adjustment Categories in web view, and you can even add and manage the Adjustment Type "Transfer" in web view. But when adding the adjustment from the matching screen as described above, the Adjustment Type "Transfer" is not offered as an option to select (the "Adjustment Category" menu hides all our "Transfer" type categories as though they don't exist).

Today I decided to try a new work-around. I went into the bank for one of the banks involved in these transfers, and I created a new Adjustment Category - but instead of selecting Adjustment Type "Transfer", I selected "Deposit". Then for the Credit Account in the GL Distribution, I used the GL Asset Account for the OTHER bank involved in the transfer. I thought this was a clever work-around - until I tried using it. I used a real-life example of one of these deposits in our "Match transactions" screen, I saved the adjustment, and then I posted the Cash Management subledger (being sure to select ALL banks).

What ensued was an all-day panic of subledger and batch-reversal chaos. The initial subledger posting created a Bank Register adjustment in the one bank, but not the other. I figured, OK, maybe the subledger posting process doesn't know how to create the bank adjustment for the OTHER account involved - fine, so I'll just create ANOTHER opposite Adjustment Category in the OTHER bank, Adjustment Type "Payment", and add those in that bank's feed. It should do the exact same thing right? Except it didn't - this time it created the bank register adjustments in BOTH banks' registers! Why would one direction add an adjustment to just one register, but the other direction create adjustments in BOTH registers? I then proceeded to post about 15 different reversing batches and other copied batches, in succession, because FE's business rules for allowing or not allowing journal entries to cash accounts without adjusting the bank register are super glitchy. One time I actually posted a batch with that check box clearly unchecked, and then it created entries in both banks' registers anyway. Another time, it created the bank adjustment in ONE bank but not the OTHER (this shouldn't even be possible from two entries within the same Journal Batch)!

I just finally got both my bank registers back in balance with the GL, but again it was an all-day affair. So much for being able to use Transfer adjustments. FYI I posted about this very topic 4 years ago now in the ideas bank... it was dismissed and then I was told this would be resolved soon. 4 years later, with Blackbaud insisting that all-web-view is right around the corner, I assumed I could try doing this. Really frustrating that I wasted this much time and energy on something that they've had 4 years to work on that should be fairly simple to implement and would make web view way more usable for us.

  • Casey Richey
  • Feb 12 2024
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  • Casey Richey commented
    29 Mar 12:07pm

    Checking to see if anyone at Blackbaud saw this. Would love to at least know they are working on a way to make "Transfer" type bank adjustments possible from the matching screen. Thanks for any update you can provide.