Excel exports come out smushed, chart organizer "skip this many rows" doesn't help

Many of my Excel exports out of web view (both formats, regular and "Excel data") come out with no blank rows in between section headers and footers. I have played around with the chart organizer "skip this many rows" feature, which is designed to be able to customize this very issue, but the settings I apply there only affect the PDF export - all Excel exports remain completely 'smushed' together with no blank rows after section totals. We need this helpful setting to work on Excel exports, too, not just PDFs.

  • Casey Richey
  • Dec 19 2023
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  • Roberta A. Gilbert commented
    18 Jun 10:01pm

    Excel DATA exports are technically not supposed to be reports; they are data dumps in Excel format, and do not, by definition, include blank rows. A "report" on the other hand, should retain its Chart Organizer formatting, even if you convert to Excel. But again, formatting a report for Excel is not the same as "exporting data" which Excel can open.

  • Lisa Holmes commented
    20 Dec, 2023 06:18pm

    Agreed I have used the export to excel from the database side for 17 years and now still have to switch back to database in order to do a 34 tab forecast spreadsheet. All the time and energy to switch the spreadsheet to no breaks or add line breaks in web-based is too much.