Make NXT JE process quicker, and more responsive.

When creating a journal entry in NXT, it takes extra time for accounts, dates, project ID's...etc, to register before being able to tab over to the next column. Because of this, if trying to tab over before it's registered, it will cause incorrect accounts to be used.

Being aware of the upcoming additional transitions, I've started trying to do a lot more processes, that were traditionally done in Database, in NXT. But these issues have caused a considerable amount of errors, and increase in the amount of time it takes to complete a simple journal entry.

Furthermore, is there a way to allow for defualt batch settings (Encumbrance, Journal...etc) to automatically default when a batch is created? Like it currently does in Database? It's just another example of NXT slowing down the journal entry process.

  • Michael DuHamel
  • Nov 21 2023
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  • Lisa Holmes commented
    20 Dec, 2023 06:22pm

    The amount of time it takes to pick out of a list your account number or project ID, because you can't just key them in whether it is a journal entry, or an invoice entry really slows things down! When you key for a lot of your day this is really disappointing.