Misc Payments - add back the ability to print a deposit report

This is crucial to documentation to be able to print a deposit report and attach it to the checks and bank receipt so there is an audit trail between the bank deposit and the FE NXT entry. Now, you have to go out of AR, find the report, and then figure out what the deposit # is. Because now the Deposit # isn't the same as the Deposit ID (it always was before this latest "upgrade" - so you have to write down the deposit # and deposit ID, go to reports, run the deposit report, attach it to the bank deposit and HAND WRITE the deposit ID so that you can find it in Misc Payments module since that is how it is listed (by deposit ID versus number). This functionality was there in the last iteration of Misc Payments in FE NXT but it is now gone. We have resorted to using journal entries for deposits instead.........

  • Nov 18 2023
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