Payee Positive Pay - Allow Increased Payee Font Size of 12

Currently the system only allows canned fonts of 8 or 10 for check printing, but in order to allow the increased security of Payee Positive Pay, banks require a minimum font of 12 to allow their system to read the payee. This may not be helpful for all lines on a check, but would certainly help for the payee line. Because this is currently not an option, we have had to downgrade our intended service from Payee Positive Pay to just Positive Pay which is obviously less secure because the payee will not be checked.

To be honest, I'm not sure where the settings are for this in NXT because when I contacted support, I was told the settings were hard coded as 8 or 10 font and they were only able to find this information in the older database version notes.

  • Rhonda Lightcap
  • Aug 29 2023
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