Expand Receivable Invoice/Statement Format Options

Clients are identified as individuals or organizations. Connections can be made between the two, for example students and school districts. The bill-to can be switched to an organization over a client individually using certain rules. However, running an invoice billed to the school district but referencing the student does not work as intended and is impossible. I already went through BB support. Additionally, we need statements that can list some of the invoice details. Right now, they list the invoices outstanding, but they do not provide the line-item detail, quantity, price, or student name. It makes it very difficult to bill the school districts with the format they need. Additionally, we should have more options for the format of the statement. For example, instead of having a running balance at the top or a summary of charges and a summary of payments, we should be able to list only the outstanding invoices. This is something that other accounting softwares offer, and FE should too. There should be more options to exclude or include information from the invoices/statements. For example, we do not need the "Credit Available" option and it looks tacky to have the "N/A" in the box (I have tried asking it to put a $0 instead but it does not work). Also, for the statement of a school district, it puts a count of clients but it does not always match the number of actual clients (for example, there could be 3 students but it will say "5 clients" in the "Charges for" box). Please expand the customization of invoices and statements for receivables.

  • Jennine Andrew
  • Aug 9 2023
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