Need to see the Name of the Credit Card when approving transactions, not just the person who submitted the transaction.

We have administrative assistants who support multiple people, which means multiple cards. Currently, the only name that shows up on pending transactions is the user name of the person who submitted the charge not the name of the card holder, so it is impossible to know if the charge has been coded properly.

We have personnel that do not have their own credit card but are allowed to use someone else's (for instance, the Nurse can use the Principal's or the Assistant Principal's or the Executive Assistance's card). I don't know whose card was used based on the user name alone.

We have teachers who work for different departments (Science & STEM, for instance). If one of those teachers makes a purchase I don't know if they coded their charge properly based solely on the name of the user, and sometimes not even on what was charged.

Bottom line - knowing which pcard/credit card is being coded would beneficial!

  • Kathleen Johnson
  • Aug 4 2023
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