Select Multiple Projects At Once In Reporting

Right now on the web view, it's difficult to pull a range of projects. For instance we have many project codes that start with 22 for the 22-23 fiscal year. In the database view, I could enter "22" then highlight over twenty projects all at once to select them. In web view I have to click them individually. There is the "range" option, but when I enter the range, it only pulls the first and last project I enter.

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  • Mar 16 2023
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    Eddie Barker commented
    20 Mar, 2023 12:34pm

    Hi Peter,

    That range behavior sounds incorrect, "range" is designed so that if you select 1 - 10, it gives you 1,2,3,4...etc., up to 10. Please get in touch with support to create a case and possibly get a copy of your data/file a bug. Thanks!