Filter AR posting parameter by application

Our system is set up to post to many AR accounts instead of just one. We have several users and each of them have their own posting parameter that is set up to filter just what they've entered. I do this by using a charge query that has the criteria of charge created by John Doe and then use that query in his posting paramater. I can do this with charges, credits, payments, etc. But I can't do that with the posting of an application.

Sometimes we have a payment received that isn't applied until a later date. When that payment is applied, it has to be posted. But the posting of the application of the payment shows up on everyones posting because it can't be filtered to only select John's applications in John's posting. This creates confusion as a user will have no idea what this application is that is on there posting and they then aren't in balance to what they thought they were posting.

I'd like to see a filter for applications of payments, the same way there are filters for charges, credits, payments, etc.

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  • Mar 14 2023
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