Ability in Chart Organizer to automatically generate and replicate sections based on an applied filter, replicating by selected values of that filter

The ability to set sections or levels of a report to replicate and show data by specifically set fields and filtered values of that field will allow an organization to use a report and chart organizer without the need to modify when a reporting unit is added, or project or similar value is added. For example, a level in an organizer to generate 3 different rows based on a set filter of project ID, filtered in value as a range, to produce a row for each project ID that will allow the resulting data in columns to be filtered down to the specific project ID of that row, with the project ID value showing as the header/name on the row. This will help growing companies organize by a particular Financial Edge value without continuous updates to the chart organizer. When a new reporting unit is added to Financial Edge, if a level row has a replicator based on reporting unit the rows will capture the new reporting unit.

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  • Feb 24 2023
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