Vendor ID reporting to compare to data exported to Aatrix

FE only allows you to run a report either by Vendor (first) name or Vendor ID.  However, the data that is exported to Aatrix to process 1099's, is pulled chronological (by the Vendor ID), but when you run a Vendor ID in the 1099 Activity report, it pulls looking at the second number.  This is how it pulls - vendor ID  14000, 14500, 14980, 1500, 15003, 15456 etc 

You see, the 1500, that should have been in front of 14000, but it doesn't and it makes it difficult to compare the FE reports to the AAtrix report. 

With that said, can a report be made to run in chronological order looking at the first number, second number, etc

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  • Jan 9 2017
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