Allow admins to see unapproved invoices

Not being able to see unapproved invoices makes AP management difficult. Staff often ask about the status of their invoices but if the supervisor has not yet approved, I can't see the invoice at all. We should be able to see that it is in pending/unapproved status.

  • Allison Foster
  • Jul 12 2022
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  • Tyler Brown commented
    19 Jul, 2022 02:30pm

    Allison, I run into this problem ALL the time. My solution only works if you have Admin privilege's.

    Under Expenses --> Settings --> User settings --> find the username of the supervisor holding up the process --> open user's settings --> at the bottom, set Out of Office redirect to YOU or another supervisor that is available. --> Go back to manage expenses and either approve or reject the invoice yourself. Remember to go back in a uncheck Out of Office so the supervisor can approve again.

    This solutions may not work for all, but I keep notes of which supervisor is holding up the process and if it happens enough it could be ground to have someone above them relay the importance of timely approvals. I will try to reply if you have further questions.