Credit Card as a payment option in Accounts Payable

It would be great if you could pay an invoice using a credit card and have Accounts Payable reflect that. It would also be fabulous for this to generate the invoice on the credit card vendor to eliminate double key strokes.

Thanks for your consideration of this idea.

Colleen Davis
The Lexington School
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  • May 2 2016
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  • Jennifer Kurtz commented
    9 Jan, 2018 07:18pm

    Thomas - We tend to adjust grant and project codes pretty often so being able to edit the transaction is strongly desired.  (Also happy to be able to enter the receipts for each transaction for easier viewing rather than the 200 page PDF of everything combined.)

    The way that we've entered credit card transactions was to create the invoice to the credit card company and split the costs among all of the line items for the transactions.  Whenever we would make one project ID adjustment, of course that reverses out all of the entries and puts them back, even when not being changed.  This lends itself to a bloated GL report that you then have to sift through to see what charges remain and hadn't been reversed out.

    I was hoping the credit card feature would allow us to enter an invoice for each transaction so that we could alter those as needed and it wouldn't reverse the 25+ lines each time.  Unless I'm missing something, credit card charge account details cannot be altered once entered.

    I decided to take the suggestion of another on idea bank and create a "bank account" for my credit card and enter the transactions as a normal invoice, being paid by the credit card bank account creating credit balance, then when I pay the credit card, I'll pay it to the bank account to bring it back to zero.

  • Thomas Walker commented
    9 Jan, 2018 01:40pm

    Hi Jennifer, thanks for your comments, could you provide us more insight to your statement "This is problematic and the main reason that I wanted to have individual transactions"

  • Jennifer Kurtz commented
    8 Jan, 2018 11:13pm

    Just started using credit cards in NXT and find that you can edit info like a regular invoice. This is problematic and the main reason that I wanted to have individual transactions.

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