Need separate filter columns for Asset ID & Asset Number

Asset IDs & Asset Numbers are totally different. We assign Asset IDs when creating new assets, but the system assigns Asset Numbers for us. Why are they not already separated and why are they not each an option? Right now I only see Asset IDs under the Asset column in the Fixed Asset module, but when you go into filter the columns it tells you "either / or" even though it won't show you both. I need them separated and I don't understand why they aren't already separate since they are completely different.

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  • Jun 9 2022
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  • Bryan Garey commented
    30 May, 2023 11:18pm

    This is not a want to vote for. Its an essential part of the system. The asset number is what is in the journal reference as well as other areas. The asset id is not useful for research. Plus it is a changeable number.