Set order of columns in Bank Reconciliation

We have 3 bank accounts set up in FE. When using the reconcile tool, we filter by Checks, Bank Drafts, EFTS, Other Deposits, Other Payables, etc. In each bank, in each category, each month, I need to re-order the columns into the configuration that works best for me. That is not the Account balance and clear date first.

My preference is the date, trans number, deposit amount, payable amount and description. These seem to be buried to the far right, requiring the slide bar at the screen bottom to discover.

It is annoying to have to re-order the columns in each bank, each transaction type, each day that I work on Month End. Is there a way to leave the order the way I like it attached to my log in?

Thank you.

  • Melissa Rauch
  • Apr 19 2022
  • Needs review
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