Audit Trail - TimeStamp changes and approvals to JEs and Invoices in FENXT

For the Audit Trail purposes FENXT should be able to TimeStamp all approvals to JEs and Invoices as well as changes or at least changes made by another individuals.

This may not be a big issue for big non-profits with accounting/financial departments where duties are segregated; however, for smaller companies where one person does everything this is a big issue especially when you would like to train a back up person. If you give that person certain rights in Invoices and JEs it is almost like sharing the same till (cash box). There is no record who did what to the transaction. Only who created it and who made the last change. Also if you have several approvers in the system or the invoice needs two or more approvals how do you know who approved it and in what order - for the audit purposes - if the system does not show the record of it?

  • Dragana Zulfic
  • Feb 11 2022
  • Needs review
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