Ability to use Microsoft short cut keys in FE and FE NXT - arrow keys, auto fill, etc

Cannot find where in FE or FE NXT journal entries/data entry in a/p, etc is very user friendly.  Very new to this system..requires much more effort to move around in these programs...forced to use mouse vs the keyboard itself which majorly slows me down.  Cannot double click at the top of columns to sort...no auto fill which is unproductive when it comes to searching for vendors, customers, gl numbers, any list..  Lastly, FE NXT may have a few of the features BUT it is spread over 2-5 screens.  Why can we not see all data in one screen like Altru does?  Very hard and time consuming for data entry, finding, sorting, etc...highly disappointed!

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  • Nov 23 2016
  • Future consideration
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