Add approval route ability when creating invoices in Payables

Add the ability to set up approval routes for regular invoicing. For organizations that have invoicing distributed, there is a huge need to allow invoices to be routed to various places for approval, ending up in Accounts Payable for final approval. We have over 150 routes and discovered we would have to use Expense Management in order to have approval routes. Expense Management is not designed as well as regular invoicing and we are running into multiple issues because of having to use it (we just went live in mid-April). It does not have have a specific field for posting date, so we ahve to enter the posting date as the invoice date and that causes all kinds of other issues. There also are not as many features for vendors in Expense Management so we are not able to utilize functions that we really need. Please update the regular invoicing process to allow for approval routing to various departments.

  • Lori Harris
  • May 8 2021
  • Needs review
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