Option to approve A/P batches as well as each individual invoice (either / or)

It is very time consuming to approve each individual invoice for companies that post a massive amount of invoices. Why not make it an option to approve an entire batch at once? Then also have the option to require only specific types of batches that need approval (ie: invoices that will be paid via check, EFT, credit, one-time, bank draft, etc...) It is my understanding that right now, it is an all or nothing feature and that is the ONLY reason my company won't implement the EFT payment option. It would be nice to have the approval step in place for added security, but to be able to only require that approval on an entire EFT Invoice batch. Checks already have an approval step (that is when the boss adds their signature to it). We just want something similar when sending out EFT payments without the headache.

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  • Mar 31 2021
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