Include formulas in Excel exports

While Financial Edge NXT improved the look of Excel exports dramatically over the database version, it still does not include formulas in Excel exports. This is a common feature in every other type of financial system - including inexpensive ones such as QuickBooks. All FENXT does is export everything as a value. So then if you want to manipulate the data in Excel, you have to first add in all of the formulas yourself. Some systems, like MS Dynamics/Great Plains, give you an option of including or not including formulas when exporting to Excel.

Apparently this same idea was proposed in 2017, but only 4 people liked it. But I am trying it again because I have to imagine that a number of users would like to see this feature added to FENXT. If a $200 system like QuickBooks can do it, then a tens of thousands per year system like FENXT should be able to as well.

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  • Feb 19 2021
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  • Alexander Frenkel commented
    24 Jan, 2023 06:09pm

    So, why does it take that long to include formulas? Any update?

  • Paul Wu commented
    18 Mar, 2021 11:53pm

    I totally agree with this request.

    I just went through updating my YE forecast statements with formulas, but as new entries are posted I either have to enter those into my report or rerun and recreate the formulas.