Changing the body of the EFT email remittance header from Blackbaud to the institution making payment.

When vendors receive the email from Financial edge they overlook or disregard email remittance. It is a little confusing that when the payee opens the email the first thing they see is Blackbaud instead of the Institution making the payment.

  • Roberto Nunez
  • Dec 14 2020
  • Needs review
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  • Mary Cay Harrington commented
    30 May, 2023 05:08pm

    I agree with all the comments also. The Email should look like it is coming from the organization paying the invoice not from Blackbaud

    A list of the emails being paid and the AP contact person for our organization should also be included with the EFT email.

  • Brian Ikei commented
    13 Apr, 2023 07:59pm

    This has created a lot of confusion and complaints from our vendors worried that the emails were phishing attempts. Please prioritize and release this feature so that we can customize our message and maintain our brand

  • Angie Fletcher commented
    7 Apr, 2023 07:04pm

    We just sent our 1st ones out and thankful it was employee reimbursement but there was a lot on confusion regarding the auto emails. Thankfully it at least had our company name in the subject line. Please let us edit the emails soon!!!!

  • Alan Mackenzie commented
    27 Jan, 2023 08:15am

    This is a complete oversight from Blackbauds perspective and needs to be addressed ASAP.

    What is the point is not allowing it to be customised as most of our clients wouldnt know who blackbaud is.

  • Guest commented
    16 Jun, 2022 03:09pm

    It would be very helpful to have our organization logo in the body of the email, rather than Blackbaud. We have received emails from vendors asking if it's legitimate or asking why it says Blackbaud.

  • Tim O'Brien commented
    15 Dec, 2020 07:26pm

    Great idea!