Auto-populate amount field when paying bank drafts

When paying bank drafts through FE NXT, the amount field should auto-populate again. It is editable so that you can change the amount, but having to manually type the amount each time takes extra time and creates room for error. Most invoices are paid in full, so having to manually key in the amount feels unnecessary. 

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  • Feb 24 2020
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  • Diane Robbins commented
    6 Mar, 2020 07:54pm

    I also pay most invoices before their due date. We like to complete the AP process as soon as possible.

    I also pay the full amount due the majority of the time, so having that section auto-filled but editable is ideal.

  • Guest commented
    6 Mar, 2020 05:28pm

    Hi Hallie,

    I pay almost all of my invoices at least a day before their due date to allow for time to receive the payment in the mail. 99% of the time I'm paying the full amount due. As long as the amount field remains editable (as it was in the past), it creates freedom to adjust the amount if needed.



  • Admin
    Hallie Hurwitz commented
    6 Mar, 2020 04:18pm

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Right now, the amount field auto-populates with the payment amount only when the due date is on or before the current date.

    If nothing is due as of the current date, the amount field remains empty.

    How often do you pay invoices before their due dates? And when you do, are you often paying the full amount?