Allow approval to also cause posting, as an option, or add an overnight automated posting option

We want to keep the validation and approval steps.  But we feel that the extra step of posting is unnecessary manual labor.  The approver's time is too valuable to perform this extra manual step, and so this extra manual step causes delays for us while it is being routing back for posting by the person who created the entry.  Anybody could post it, but only certain people can, and should, approve it.


Please create a new combined button option of "Approve & Post".  Perhaps similar to the "Validate & Post" option here:

We'd prefer it as another option where-ever an approver sees the command to "Approve" (another command available to "Approve & Post".


This would allow the person who approves it to also post it, but in the same step - all one button, in the same step.


If you can't create a new combined command like this, could we have an automated posting option where the system looks for batches in the approved status and automatically posts them, perhaps overnight or more frequently?

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  • Dec 30 2019
  • Future consideration
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